International Advisory Board

Catherine Otto

Salisbury University, United States of America marble-buttons-02 marble-buttons-01

Gerry McKenna

Ulster University, United Kingdom marble-buttons-02 marble-buttons-01 marble-buttons-03

Gry Andersen

University Hospital of North Norway, Norway marble-buttons-02 marble-buttons-01

Stephen Henry

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand marble-buttons-02 marble-buttons-01 marble-buttons-03

This board will provide additional expertise and ensure that the programme remains at the cutting edge of biomedical science. The International Advisory Board (IAB) is the external consultative structure for the MARBLE management bodies.

  • The IAB shall be formally convened at least once per year, normally at the time of the thesis presentation.
  • The IAB has a particular role in Quality Assurance of the programme
  • The IAB will issue its opinion if requested by the Consortium Committee or the Partners
  • IAB can be involved in:
    • The promotion of the master programme,
    • Provision of advice on its scientific and industry relevance, knowledge and skills,
    • The preparation of the annual report and other documents.