The EMJMD-MARBLE represents a step-change in the provision of Master Degree programmes in BLS in Europe and will be a unique educational offering in this domain globally. Students enrolling on this programme will have a unique educational experience of a truly international nature. In their first year they will spend time in each of the four partner countries as well as engaging in continuous E-learning provided by the all partners as a whole. In the second year students will focus on more specialist topics, namely by having a specialist clinical practice and by carrying out a specialised research project leading to a Master’s thesis. This will be carried out in a European country of their choice or in collaboration with one of the Associated Partners (AP) who represent potential employers in key sectors such as industry, research centres, the health sector, academia and professional agencies. The expertise, skills, competence and connections that the students obtain during this programme will help to equip them to meet the current and future needs of the labour market (e.g. as . Graduates of this programme will be competent to take on roles as diagnostic partners in healthcare.

Aim of Programme:

The primary aim of the EMJMD-MARBLE is to educate and train biomedical laboratory scientists (BLs) to the highest national and international standards and equip them to meet the current and emerging professional requirements of this key diagnostic sector as researchers, advocates, leaders and diagnostic partners. A secondary aim is to increase the European dimension of BLS and help to consolidate a unified identity for the profession, thereby harmonizing and supporting specialist practice across the European area. Taken together these aims will facilitate the increase in students’ specialist knowledge, promote mobility of graduates and provide high quality post-graduate Biomedical Laboratory Scientists (BLs) for the European and international markets.

The Educational, Scientific and Cultural Project of the Consortium adheres to the following core principles:

  • To strive for excellence and continuous improvement in terms of the creation, transmission and dissemination of science, technology and culture;
  • To providing students an education level that will allow them to access the labour market with recognized quality and capacity in terms of scientific, technical and professional knowledge
  • To foster the ability to develop their knowledge and lifelong learning;
  • To promote the viability of study and implementation of the postgraduate training in BLS;
  • To adapt to the evolving needs of the labour market and global skills needs and develop new technological training opportunities at the cutting edge of practice;
  • To continue research and scholarship activities in their cognate areas and ensure that they remain research informed and practice led, with the capacity to respond to emerging challenges;
  • To serve and support the community of practice of biomedical laboratory scientists and wider society in general;
  • To support the development of best practice in all scientific, technical and pedagogical endeavours at the different institutes.